The Midlands

The Midlands Engine is at the heart of UK growth. It’s an ambitious economy worth more than 200 billion GBP, generating 13% of Gross Value Added in the UK.
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Expanding your business

Businesses take advantage of the region’s central UK location and international connectivity, high performing universities and a young population driving the need for housing and leisure. In 2017 to 2018 the region attracted inward investment projects that created over 13,000 new jobs - the highest outside London.

Investing capital

The region offers balanced investment opportunities from transport systems to science parks. Toyota, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Pepsi Co are all major investors. Between the end of 2016 and 2017 nearly a quarter of overseas investment outside of London and the South East came to the Midlands.

Buying goods and services

The Midlands is noted for its agrifood, life sciences and advanced manufacturing. It’s home to the largest number of medical technology and device companies in the country and accounts for over a third of all metal producing businesses in the UK. It supplies world-class food products and services from farm to fork and trawler to table.

Over 200 billion GPB

Gross Value Added economy - the fastest growing outside of London

20 to 24 year olds

largest demographic group

227 million GBP

invested in Birmingham student facilities by Singaporean Investor GIC

10 million



graduates a year from 20 universities


homes needed over next 15 years

13 million

passengers handled by Birmingham Airport each year

55 million

tonnes of cargo handled by Port of Grimsby each year

Strategic markets: property and infrastructure


The demand for high quality student housing in many Midlands cities is exceeding supply and stimulating developments for international investors. The growing young professional population with demand for a work and lifestyle package is driving many of the new major regeneration schemes in core cities such as Birmingham.

Digital infrastructure

In 2018 the West Midlands was selected to become the innovative home to the UK’s first multi-city 5G test bed. Digital infrastructure will gain momentum over the next few years, influencing digital construction and enabling the further development of Smart Cities.


The Midlands is the UK’s premier location for logistics and distribution operations with the region offering attractive investment opportunities. The East Midlands logistics market had the best take-up in 2018 with 8.92 million square feet of space transacted, more than double that in 2017.

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