South of England

The South of England is the fastest-growing region in the UK. Home to global corporations like Microsoft, Disney and Rolls Royce the region attracts significant interest from international businesses, investors and buyers.
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Expanding your business

The South of England is the top region for overseas businesses expanding to the UK. Businesses benefit from top graduate talent and Enterprize Zones offering tax discounts.

Investing capital

Strong economic growth in southern cities like Bristol, Reading, Oxford and Cambridge increases the need for office, residential, energy and infrastructure services.

Buying goods and services

The South of England’s Enterprize Zones create hubs that specialise in a given industry. This helps importers target UK exporters more effectively to find exactly what they need.


businesses expand to the South of England annually

275,000 GBP

tax discounts with Enterprise Zones


new jobs from overseas businesses annually


top UK cities for gross value add per worker


top universities in the world

160 million

air passengers per year

number 1

university in the world is Oxford

UK's Nuclear Curriculum

being designed in the South of England

Strategic markets: aerospace, finance and technology


Space, aerospace and defence play a big role in the South of England economy. The region plays host to globally recognised players like Lockheed Martin, Airbus, BAE Systems and Marshalls Aerospace.


London and the South East are important centres of finance, not just in the UK but around the world. The South East alone employs 280,000 in the financial sector and contributes 20 billion GBP to the economy.


Technology in the South of England is an established and growing sector, featuring the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, Huawei, and Intel. In Cambridge, 1,500 tech firms generate annual revenues of 13 billion GBP.

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